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Article from March 2014 issue of AgRx Newsletter.

Reprinted with permission from AgRx.

Water is typically a hot topic of conversation in the region. This year, however, it is has reached a whole new level.  Water is one of the most critical components to growing healthy plants. Over the years irrigation systems have been improved to increase their efficiency, and we strive to find ways to reduce the amount of water we use.

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“What’s the one key thing that golf course superintendents need to remember when making a fungicide application?”


BioPesticides- Engage Agro USA's product Regalia PTO is part of bio fungicide conversation

But do they work?

In the past, superintendents have snubbed biologics because they didn't believe they worked. But that is changing.

Trevor Thorley, president of Engage Agro USA, has a history in the turf and ornamental business, once leading Bayer's turf and ornamental business, as well as working as president of Valent U.S.A. Thorley is excited about Engage Agro marketing and selling Regalia PTO, but admits he never would've considered the biofungicide for his company's portfolio if it didn't work.

"It's all about results," he says.

Thorley cites renowned turf researchers, including Joe Vargas, Ph.D., from Michigan State University, and Bruce Clarke, Ph.D., from Rutgers University, who have conducted studies showing that biofungicides have a role in preventing disease.


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