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"Grandevo® PTO has become a mainstay of my spray rotation!"

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"Grandevo® PTO a great product and a great company to work with to help us become the leader in organic grub control for our customers!"

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Grandevo PTO Insecticide/Miticide


Grandevo®PTO's active ingredient Achromocil (Chromobacterium substugae) is a broad-spectrum insecticide label for use in turf, ornamental, and greenhouse markets.  Grandevo®PTO controls chewing and sucking insects through three actions - oral toxicity, repellency, and reduced reproduction.  Because of these varied and complex actions, it carries very little risk of insects developing resistance and should be a component in both Integrated Resistance Management (IRM) and Integrated pest Management (IPM) plans.  In addition, Grandevo PTO is NOT harmful to beneficial insects or honeybees!

Grandevo PTO for Greenhouse & Nursery Grandevo PTO for Turf & Landscape

Grandevo PTO is ideal for greenhouse and  nurseries offering flexibility and increases the efficacy of  spray programs.

Grandevo PTO can be used on herbaceous ornamentals, woody ornamentals, conifers, shrubs and trees.  Among others, Grandevo PTO controls aphids, mites, thrips, mealybugs and whiteflies.

Click image below to read the Grandevo PTO for Ornamentals literature.

Grandevo PTO is labeled for use in cool and warm season turf and ornamental grasses for control of chinch bugs, sod webworms, cut worms, several species of white grub, and other turf pests.

Grandevo PTO offers golf course superintendents and landscape professionals a powerful new tool to strengthen their pest management progams.

Click image below to read the Grandevo PTO for Turf & Landscape literature



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