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SLUGX™ is an effective metaldehyde containing pellet which is readily ingested by slugs and snails. After ingestion snails and slugs are immobilized. Death follows by destroying the mucus-forming tissue and the resulting loss of water.

  • SLUGX™ pellets get to work faster – their structure* absorbs water rapidly, allowing snails and slugs to eat them sooner
  • SLUGX™ pellets taste good so slugs and snails feed longer and ingest a lethal dose
  • SLUGX™ spreads evenly – uniform pellets increase application accuracy and help optimize baiting points
  • SLUGX™ is an effective molluscicide – it controls populations of all target species
  • SLUGX™ is a selective bait – used as directed it targets slugs and snails, has no effect on beneficial earthworms and insects, and contains more built-in deterrents to prevent accidental ingestion

*A gelatinization process is used in the manufacturing of SLUGX™. This alters the protein and starch structure of the flour, allowing the pellet to absorb water faster, making them softer sooner. Because they are available to eat earlier, SLUGX™ pellets get to work to protect plants faster.

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