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Integrate Soil Surfactant Videos



Mechanical carrot harvest at Rousseau Farming in Scottsdale, AZ.  Soil is a clay loam test plot.  Integrate 80 was applied at 2 quarts per acre foiliarly immediately prior to a 1" rainfall event.

Click here to view the untreated plot

See the multiple benefits of Integrate Soil Surfactant in an agricultural setting

Integrate Soil Surfactant demonstration used in California Almond Orchard
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Making each Irrigation infiltrate faster, wider coverage, long lasting effects. 

Integrate Soil Surfactant blended with 6-2-8 Liquid Fertilizer 

Integrate Soil Surfactant on Coconut Husk

See how quickly Integrate Soil Surfactant enables water to penetrate coconut husk, one of the most hydrophobic soil media types. Imagine what it can do for you! 

Integrate Soil Surfactant Modifies Movement of Water

This video demonstrates how Integrate Soil Surfactant slows down initial vertical movement while giving time for lateral movement. Note that after 12 minutes, the soil surface is no longer being saturated which decreases the potential for "spongy soil" and increases root depth.

Integrate Soil Surfactant allows for more uniform distribution of water which leads increaed efficiencies in water use, nutrient uptake, pesticide dispersion, and overall plant health.

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