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 Protects & Maximizes the Genetic Potential of Your Crops Pollen

PollenShield™ is a new development in agricultural science.  It  is a mixture of nutrients that is specifically formulated to activate a plants natural biochemical pathways related to pollen germination and fertilization resulting in an increased fruit set.

PollenShield’s unique formulation includes Boron, derived from boric acid resulting in a higher percentage of Boron.  In addition, PollenShield™ is easy to absorb and penetrate through the membranes. This produces a non - phytotoxic, highly effective and readily utilized component in pollination and fertilization.

PollenShield Features

  • NUTRIENTS and organic acids to enhance fertility
  • INCREASES pollen hydration, germination and viability
  • IMPROVES pollen tube growth
  • ENHANCES fertilization/fruit set
  • ENCOURAGES bee foraging activity


State registrations pending.  Please call 928-445-7990 or your local Technical Sales Representative  for the most up to date information.


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